FAQ – Frequently asked questions about all our products

Answers to frequently asked questions about YateBTS and our RAN and Core Network products.​

Do you have PCRF?

We have PCEF component in our solutions. PCRF is on the billing side. Nevertheless, we have two billing partners that we are working with (Aradial and Porta One) and can introduce you to.

How can I test VOLTE?

We have a VoLTE testing environment. This is the VoLTE Lab. It contains LTE LabKit (a small radio cell) and a MiniCore (which is an equipment that contains all the core network components, but at a smaller scale: YateHSS/HLR, YateUCN, YateSMSC, YateSTP/DRA)

The VoLTE Lab is shipped with 2 iPhone 6s that have been tested for VoLTE and the main difference between a regular LabKit and MiniCore purchase and a VoLTE Lab purchase is that the VoLTE (IMS) feature is in the core network side, so the kit comes preconfigured with this feature.

What is the SatSite coverage?

The SatSite coverage differs based on various conditions. The band that the radio cell is used is one important factor and also the environment. The coverage varies in plain field, if the terrain is a forest, village or city.

A radio engineer can calculate exactly the coverage for your project or you can use https://cloudrf.com/ .

Can I use my own SIMs with the LabKit?

Yes, you can. You will get access to our free Hosted Core for the Core Network part of the testing environment and you will have to add the SIMs there.

Adding to this, you have to know the SIM’s information, including the KI.

Can I use an existing wireless carrier with the LabKit?

Yes, you can use existing wireless carrier (commercial / public operator’s) SIMs if you have the SIM’s information, including the KI.
This information has to be added in the Hosted Core/MiniCore to register the SIM in the testing environment.