Frequently asked questions - General Telecom Questions

What are the supported operating systems by Yate?

YateBTS products can installed on the following Linux distrubtions: Mageia, CentOS and Fedora.
For clients, we have used: Mageia 4, Mageia 5, Mageia 6 (currently) and we will soon migrate to Mageia 7.
These three distributions use the same file format .rpm for the packages.
RPMs are often collected centrally in one or more repositories on the internet. Most sites have their own RPM repositories which may either act as local mirrors of such internet repositories or be locally maintained collections of useful RPMs.
urpmi (Mageia), yum (CentOS) and dnf (Fedora and other RPM-based distros) are package management tools used for installing, removing, updating and querying software packages of local or remote (networked) media.
Package management tools attempt to solve issues which might be cause by dependencies, software compilation from source code, wrongful placement of common installation and configuration files, distribution of software with bugs. And, thus, developers attempt to increase the overall quality and coherence of a Linux-based operating system
For example, when you want to install yate-smsc. The package management tool queries the Yate repository in search for the full name of the package which might be something like: yate-smsc-0.1-1_r1546_r1523_prot.mga5.rpm
The package management tool will carry out any dependencies and it will set every file contained by the rpm package in the appropriate location without the intervention of the user.
To see the contents which have been installed by yate-smsc package use the following command:
rpm -q yate-smsc