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LTE eNodeB SatSite product image

Upgrading The Basestation

See our LabKit Upgrading Basestation In order for the Basestation to function, it requires a combination of rpms to be installed.Upgrading one rpm manually could

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Mounting SatSite 132 guide

See our SatSite Note: Tower work is dangerous. Do not attempt to climb a tower without proper equipment and training. Note: This guide applies to all 13x

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Accessing the Basestation logs using the Web management interface LMI - Local Management Interface

Basestation Logging

See our SatSite Configure the logs Logs can be configured to run for the entire basestation , a module or a specific component Configure the

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JSON API for SatSite Configuration

See our SatSite Generic requests get_available_modes Retrieve available modes from your SatSite/Labkit: nipc roaming dataroam enb Depending on your software version (public/private) you might have

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