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YateBTS noise graphic

Zabbix Monitoring for BTS

Introduction This guide will explain how to use Zabbix for monitoring BTS. For installing Zabbix Server and basic configurations for Zabbix and the BTS ,

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YateBTS documentation

YateBTS is a software implementation of a GSM/GPRS radio access network based on Yate and is compatible with both 2.5G and 4G core networks comprised

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Libygsm library

Description This library provides encoders and decoders for Mobile Radio Interface Layer 3 messages according to ETSI TS 124 007 and ETSI TS 124 008.

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CDR Screenshot from Core Network YateUCN

Writing CDRs

Call detailed records (CDRs) are logs containing detailed information related to phone calls, such as: the time they were initiated, their origin and the destination

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YateBTS SVN To get the latest YateBTS version from the SVN: svn checkout yatebts For details on how to install see the Prerequisites and Installing pages. WebSVN To

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Configuration Commands

See our LabKit Using the rmanager interface YateBTS inherits Yate’s rmanager interface. It is a module that allows controlling Yate using a simple Telnet client. Users have

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Ybts.conf is the main configuration file that you’ll have to edit when using YateBTS. This file holds a stripped version of the parameters inherited from

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Running YateBTS

This page is a starting point on how to configure and run YateBTS. Further information can be found in Configuration section in the menu on the left

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