Core Network Training

  • Bucharest, Romania
  • 16-17 September
  • 1500 USD

Attend the training and learn how to use Yate-based products to build or extend your MVNO or MNO Core Network. Find out how to integrate, configure and manage our Core network products.

Core Network Training 1

Purpose of the training:

  • Become familiar with Yate based products and their use in a mobile network
  • Understand what we provide and what it needs to interconnect with
  • Be able to use the management interface to configure equipment and provision subscribers
  • Be able to monitor the network and collect information to troubleshoot issues

Specific training targets

  • Mobile Management Interface and Command Line Interface
  • Zabbix monitoring, abnormalities and fault detection
  • SIMs, Multi-IMSI and multiple roaming hubs implications
  • Data-only and IoT scenarios

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