Change Network Name Through YateUCN

Connect to the MiniCore’s MMI (Local Management Interface) by using a browser and the URL:


The web login credentials are: username – yatebts; password – ‘same-as-serial’.

In the Equipment context, Core tab, choose YateUCN and click on Edit:

YateUCN in MiniCore

The LabKit’s eNodeB broadcasts PLMN identity and the MiniCore’s MME should know about this identity in order to establish a connection between the equipment. From the MME/SGSN tab, verify if the eNodeB’s PLMN is appended to the PLMNs parameter of the MME Identity:

MME Identity in MiniCore

[PLMN identity is the concatenation of the MCC (Mobile Country Code) and the MNC (Mobile Network Code)]

Choose the Extra params tab and click on Add to create new parameters:

how to add extra params in MiniCore

In the Add Extra param window, change the Extra param to Custom and the Data type to string. Name the new custom parameter net_name and give it whatever value you want to be displayed as the name of the network. Save the net_name and repeat the process one more time in order to create the net_full parameter:

MiniCore extra params

Apply the changes and restart the YateUCN equipment.

To verify that the network name has been changed, manually search for mobile networks and the result should be as in the image below:

Network Operators