Launching CBC Testbed

The cell broadcast center testbed is a complete network bundle that allows testing the transmission of messages to mobile phones using a real LTE network.

It includes the LTE LabKit (eNodeB0 and the MiniCore (Core Network). 

CBC Diagram

Companies and governments that use Cell Broadcasting can easily mass-deliver text or binary messages to citizens or a targeted group of people that is location-based.
Although this is a flexible way to send out emergency alerts, it does come with its challenges.

The challenges faced by Cell Broadcasting

  • Non-availability of fully controlled networks to test broadcast messages
  • Sending a broadcast test message by mistake to the public
  • Proper test and experience before an actual emergency
  • Train your employees to use the cell broadcast center.

If the proper test is not done, CBC companies might miss a special mission in which the Cell broadcast does not work. This can be catastrophic as lives could be lost, properties could be lost, reputations of institutions could be at stake, institutions could enter into jeopardy, and there could be serious human and political implications.

The CBC testbed solves their challenges by:

  • With CBC testbed, you get a test network to test your broadcast message
  • Reducing the risk of spreading an actual broadcast message to the world
  • CBC testbed is easy to set up and easy to transport
  • You can use it to train your employees
CBC testbed diagram

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