Testing IMS VoLTE technology with our VoLTE Lab in Amsterdam ​

We will be testing VoLTE IMS with a carry-on size lab at the Voice&Communications Summit in Amsterdam on October 9-10. Meet us at booth #7 in the Hotel Novotel business centre starting with 9 AM and witness in person a full VoLTE call & messaging demonstration done upon every visitor’s request until closing hours at 6  PM.

Our VoLTE lab is a complete test suite for Voice-over LTE, that includes the LTE LabKit, the Yate MiniCore and two iPhone 6s. It is fully configured and intended for use as a VoLTE test bed and learning environment.

In the upcoming two days, visitors of the event will be able to test in person how our VoLTE lab works and also preview Wireshark captures of the entire process. 

Learn more about the daily agenda and the speakers of the event here.

Expanding access to Voice-over LTE - VoLTE technology is no longer a matter of 'if' and 'why' for most operators, but more of 'when' to initiate the testing and transition to VoLTE IMS.

VoLTE conference Amsterdam

What you can expect from our demo..

VoLTE lab - Wireshark gives you a great transparency into VoLTE technology

Learn more about VoLTE technology and our VoLTE lab by scheduling a meeting with us on-site in Amsterdam here.


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