YateBTS delivers LTE functional testing for the IoT production market: LTE LabKit for IoT device testing

LTE LabKit delivers easy-to-use lte functional testing for IoT production market. Is a ‘plug and play’ full LTE mobile network and allows full control on the test network while performing IoT device testing.

LabKit acting as a LTE Callbox, for LTE IoT testing on production lines

For IoT device manufacturers the testing part is crucial for getting the quality IoT devices they want to deliver to the customers.

In any IoT system there are 3 major components: The IoT platform, the IoT devices and the connectivity between them.

While performing the IoT device testing is important to have a single unknown: your IoT product.

The IoT platform and product design is already tested. What about the connectivity part?

Using a conventional telecom network for connectivity leave you without control on that part. The connectivity may spoil the test results, and there is no way you can identify if is on the product side or not.

With LTE LabKit as Callbox you be sure the LTE and GPRS connectivity won’t affect the results during the IoT device testing process and any reported issue in on the product side.

“With this IoT LTE testing solution we aim to support small IoT developers and manufacturers to spawn innovation in the industry.

LTE LabKit as a Callbox is an excellent IoT testing solution, but the most important part is that it gives the tester full control over the conectivity.”

David Burgess
CEO Legba

A full LTE mobile network for IoT device testing

LTE LabKit together with Hosted Core is actually a full LTE mobile network. The LabKit act as a LTE Radio access network, while Hosted Core is a free Core Network service.

When used as a Callbox, it allows the IoT manufacturers to properly test their products while having full control over the connectivity they are using. For even more accurate results, LTE LabKit callbox comes with RF fixtures instead of antennas, for zero interferences.

Learn more about LTE LabKit as a LTE Callbox for IoT production lines.

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