YateBTS at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2014

SAN FRANCISCO – Feb. 20, 2014 –– Legba Inc. and SS7Ware, will present YateBTS, the versatile software that powers YateBTS Lab Kit and YateBTS SatSite at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. While YateBTS Lab Kit is particularly designed for product testing and academic research, YateBTS SatSite is the commercial solution for rural networks, M2M applications, remote locations and private networks.

Key Facts

  • The CEOs of both companies, David Burgess and Diana Cionoiu, will present their game-changing products based on intelligently designed software and commodity hardware, which have much lower total life cycle costs than the complex, proprietary systems in the market today.
  • The YateBTS Lab Kit provides the full functionality of a 2.5G network. It is intended for mobile network operator labs, M2M application development, mobile phone vendors, academics and security researchers.
  • The YateBTS SatSite is a commercial 2.5G network solution intended for rural networks, M2M applications, remote locations and private networks. A key feature of SatSite is a 3G backhaul modem to support easy extension of mobile coverage into remote areas. SatSite provides local call switching and low-rate speech encoding to reduce backhaul loading, ideal for areas with sparse infrastructure.

Supporting Quotes
“It is with great pleasure that we announce our presence at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 2014. This is the biggest event in the industry and a good opportunity for networking.”
– David Burgess, CEO of Legba, Inc.

“There are 2 billion people in this world without mobile coverage. And another 2 billion with poor mobile coverage. Our goal is to provide price-wise accessible solutions for that market.”
– Diana Cionoiu, CEO of SS7Ware, Inc.

About Legba and SS7Ware
Legba, Inc. provides innovative infrastructure for mobile operators.
SS7Ware Inc. provides 2.5G/4G mobile networks.The company is a subsidiary of Null Team, the creators of Yate.

Legal notices
Yate is a trademark of SS7Ware, Inc.
YateBTS SatSite and YateBTS Lab Kit are trademarks of Legba, Inc.

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