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The LTE Lab Kit provides the full functionality of an LTE network on your desktop. It is intended for mobile network operator labs, IoT and M2M application development, mobile phone vendors, and researchers.

The LTE Lab Kit allows the easy and stable development of experiments and test procedures with the YateENB. It can be used with the hosted YateUCN core network or with your own YateUCN core network server.
LTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit galleryLTE Lab Kit gallery

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What you get:
1 Lab Kit (mini-ITX PC + bladeRF + amplifier + software)

1 Lab Kit power adapter

2 antennas for 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz (bands 1, 2, 3, 5, 8) operation

5 filters, one for each supported band

1 smartphone and charger

use of the hosted YateUCN core network

5 SIM cards (two of them are already written and inserted in the smartphones), pre-provisioned in the Hosted Core network

1 Smart Card Programmer

1 WiFi antenna

20 blank SIMs

LTE specifications

Radio interfaceLTE Release 11, FDD, 64-QAM; upgradable to 256-QAM with Release 12
Available bandsfilters and antennas provided for bands 5 and 8 can operate any FDD band up to 3.8 GHz; TDD upgrades later in 2016
Operating bandwidth1.4, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 MHz
MAC specslocalized or distributed VRBs, proportional fairness scheduling
Maximum connected UEsno fixed limit
Antenna configuration1x1 (SISO)
Network interfaceIPv4; IPv6
Network protocolsIP
Output powerup to 1 mW

Hardware specifications

Power supply12V 5A DC
Network interfaceEthernet / IP

Operation & Management specifications

SoftwareEthernet / IP
Management interfacesWeb UI, Yate telnet console
Operating systemLinux, RPM-based
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